Is there lodging at Globe Hill?

Currently we do not have over night accommodations on the farm. We can provide you with a list of

places to stay right in town and there are also great Airbnb, VRBO and Homeaway house rentals in the



Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests?

We can accommodate up to 300 guests on site.  Please speak with our Event Coordinator about the logistics of larger parties


Do you have a separate charge for ceremony on site?

There is no extra charge for the ceremony onsite.


What time of the year is Globe Hill open for weddings and events?

Our season will run from May to October. We would like to keep this site as exclusive and premier as

possible, so we will only book a few weddings a month to ensure we preserve the farm and natural



May we tour the property?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the farm and see the extraordinary property for yourself.

Arrangements can be made through Monica Relyea Events. Please contact her to schedule a time to



What time must the event end?

All events must end by 12 midnight the night of your event. This means all guests, caterers, band or

DJ’s must exit the premises by 12 pm. If for any reason this needs to be extended, it will need to be

coordinated and may result in additional fees.


Is there electric at Globe Hill?

An ultra quiet generator is included in your package and will provide enough electric for caterer, lighting, band or DJ.


Is there a time music must end?

Amplified music is permitted until 11pm. Acoustic up until 12pm.


What if we want a clear top tent or another type of tented structure?

We work exclusively with Clifton Park Rentals and they offer an array of tent structures and can work to create your dream space.


Are there restrooms?

Your package will includes Lux Porta Johns updated amenities like running water, flushing toilets, AC, lighting and music. These are coordinated through Monica Relyea Events.


Is there running water?

There is no running water on Globe Hill. Your caterer will be responsible for any drinking water or cleaning water on the property. This should not be a problem for professional off- site caterers 


Do you have a list of recommended vendors?

We have a long list of recommended vendors and will provide you with it when you book your event.


Does Globe Hill host more than one event a weekend?

We will not host more than one event per weekend to ensure you get the most personalized, secluded



Is parking available?

Event parking is available in designated parking areas.  We can provide you with 2 parking attendants

to assist with the style of parking you choose for your event.  As an alternative to on-site parking, you

may arrange for a shuttle bus service to deliver your guests from a hotel or other centralized location.


Are open flames allowed on the farm?

  • Currently we are not offering bon-fire, but we are looking into it.
  • NO open flame candle light. Candles must be in a votive or glass hurricane.


Are tables and chairs available in your package?

Yes.  Up to the first 100 guests are included in the package. 

My vendor is not listed on your preferred vendors list. Can I still use them?

It is important to us that you have the best experience on your day and understand choosing a caterer is a personal decision. Therefore, we ask that all caterers sign a vendor form and provide all proof of insurances prior to approval. Once we review their paperwork, and they are approved, we will allow them to provide you with catering services the day of your event. 


Do you offer any catering services?

We do not offer catering services and will provide you with a list of recommended vendors when you

book with Globe Hill. What we can offer you is custom ice-cream flavors just for your wedding and of

course, our award winning individual milk goes great with any dessert!


Is there anything I will need to provide?

Yes, you will need to have liability insurance for your event


Do you provide wedding planning or coordination services?

Monica Relyea Events is Globe Hill’s exclusive Event Coordinator. With over 20 years experience in the wedding industry and specializing in outdoor event logistics, you will book your wedding though her including site visits and agreement signing. She and her team will coordinate all vendors including help with catering and site set up. 

Have more questions?

Please email Monica Relyea Events at Monica@monicarelyeaevents.com or weddings@ronnybook.com